Why Us?

Our technical and project management team brings the necessary operational excellence to the table as a result of a combined engineering experience of over 43 man-years at the leader level. Each project execution cycle is well documented for our internal process improvement and project status updates are provided to clients consistently during the execution cycle.

Quality need not be expensive. We are perhaps one of the very few EPC companies that developed a check list of 'to-do's that our entire team follows at every single stage of project life cycle. These checklist items have been developed as a result of years of project execution experience of the promoters. The foremost benefit of an extensive check list is that we never commit a mistake a second time. As our processes matured, we crafted a set of uncompromising quality assurance practices that placed us on the leadership position. Due to the same reason of avoiding the avoidable mistakes, the costs remain under tight control, yielding benefits during the entire project life cycle.